Penn State Arboretum

June 6, 2017


We recently read a quote that said; “TRUE abundance is about giving away your life.” – Jeff Goins

That totally struck a cord.

We had just been discharged out of LeighHigh Valley Burn Center, and our hearts were mixed with total fear and devastation, but complete thankfulness all at the same time! If you didn’t hear, our Charlotte grabbed a mug of hot coffee and had 2nd degree burns on 20% of her body. THANKFULLY our first responders, nurses and doctors saved our sweet baby, and to this day we cry with the overwhelming amount of love we have for every single person who helped us that day!

You saved us!

Not only did you completely step in and take care of our girl, but you showed up for us! You cried with us, you celebrated with us, and you heard every single one of our fears as we walked out those doors. You exchanged phone numbers and hugged us tight, knowing we were going to be okay! We left that hospital with a healthy toddler, but we also walked out with more friends that we now consider family!


And we see you! We know our story is very mild compared to some! We know you show up to much worse, and you extend the same love and compassion to those families, just like you did with ours! You give away your lives for others! For that we celebrate you, and that is why we did these free minis for our first responders! A small thank you that could really never express just how sincerely grateful we all are!!

Just a small few of some of our first responders and their sweet, sweet families!

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  1. Cheryl Beagan says:

    Truly greatful, good job A & T!

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