July 26, 2018

our July no work promise

Our first 3 months back from maternity leave has been


7 BEAUTIFUL wedding days, traveling almost EVERY weekend, engagement sessions, mini sessions the list just gets bigger and bigger, my friends!!

As much as we ALWAYS enjoy the crazy season of hustle, we knew as soon as we got pregnant with Benjamin that we would need a season of rest! Despite our ever-loving workaholic minds, we knew we would need to take a break in the MIDDLE of busy season! WHY? Because our family is worth it, and so is our business! We will say it over and over until we are blue in the face, we serve best when we love ourselves first!

It has taken us 3 YEARS to figure this out, but this past month we put actions to our words!

The WHOLE month of July 2018 was  blocked off 10 months in advance JUST for family time!! Lots of fun travels, and a whole lot of memory making!!!

Yes our emails were still on! Yes we did still prep our blog, post on social media, and booking weddings ( we only have 3 spots left for 2019 already!!!! WHAT?!?! ) But no, we did not shoot anything the WHOLE month of JULY, and it was the best thing we could have ever done!!

NOW, we are prepping for a mighty three year old’s birthday, and then it’s back to the hustle game for us!!! More STUNNING weddings are coming all of August, September and October! Our Fall and Christmas minis will be going live SOON ( HOW is that already here?!?! ) Our bodies and minds are rested and our hearts are so full of thankfulness!!!

Keep on scrolling to see what we’ve been up to the last 4 weeks!!

We travelled!!

We documented life! Thank you Promptly Journals!!

We finished the front of our home! Please tell me you LOVE the pink as much as I do!!

Benjamin turned 6 months old!

And we celebrated Charlotte turning 3!! Time goes so fast, friends!



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  1. Robin Deamer says:

    Beautiful, sweet family time! Enjoy the last two days before you begin working again.

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