Rain couldn’t ruin this happy parade, because Laurel and Matthew are literally two of the SWEETEST human beings you will EVER meet!! This day has been one we have been anticipating for ALL SEASON! And gosh it did NOT disappoint! From the sweetest first look at the State College Arboretum, to a sparkler exit of […]

Our favorite time of the year is HERE!! It’s also our craziest time of year! With the holidays right around the corner, this is our only time to invite families, couples and anyone else out for some fun mini’s! Here’s a little peek at how sweet our 2018 fall minis were!!  

It’s FINALLY spring!!! It is officially our favorite time of year! The beginning of all things wedding season!! We HIGHLY recommend having your engagement session in the spring if you can because well FLOWERS!! So many pretty blooms means SO many favorite shots!!! Like just look at all the pretty ring shots we got!!! We […]

YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! Surprise proposals are like my FAVORITE thing EVER!!!! Corey emailed me like the day after Jess scheduled their mini session! HOW CUTE IS THAT!?!?! We planned it all out and were ready to go, and Jessica HAD NO IDEA!! How do I know this?…Because her reaction was priceless!!! Corey & Jessica, we are […]

Rescheduling is NEVER a fun thing to do!!! Weather can be so unpredictable, that we literally watch it like a hawk 5 days before every session!! The good news with rescheduling? You get PERFECT weather for your engagement session and it turns out just like Ashlee & Kevin’s downtown shoot!!! Like holy moly you guys!!!! […]

This has got to be one of my all time FAVORITE senior sessions…EVER!!!! I’ve known Leah since I was in 7th grade! Her momma was my youth group momma and it has been a true joy to have this family as our near and dear friends!! Leah is just as pretty inside as she is […]

Fall makes everyone happy, and when we get to shoot our couples happy moments with the trees all turning colors…it is probably one of our favorite things EVER!! Kathleen & Grant, we cannot wait to celebrate your big day next year!!! If it’s anything like your engagement session, we know we are in for a […]

We are firm believers in capturing moments! Duh! We’re wedding photographers, so it’s literally our job! But seriously, we ourselves ALWAYS hire someone to capture OUR family AT LEAST once a year!! Time has no mercy, y’all! And one day we want our children to have a big fat photo album to look through, and […]

You know those people you just “click” with? Yeah that is Emmalie & Scott!!! You guys, this family. Their story. Their love….ALL OF IT is just so stinking precious, and we are so THANKFUL that we get to be the ones that gets to capture EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT on their wedding day!!! Not only are […]

We recently read a quote that said; “TRUE abundance is about giving away your life.” – Jeff Goins That totally struck a cord. We had just been discharged out of LeighHigh Valley Burn Center, and our hearts were mixed with total fear and devastation, but complete thankfulness all at the same time! If you didn’t […]

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